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8PM - 9PM - Bargain Bin Rejects: Join Red & Josh, as we talk about all kinds of media; movies, tv shows, and more! We're here to discuss the worst of the worst, everything from modern CGI trashfires, to camp cult classics!


9PM - 10PMKudzu Blues


12PM - 1PMLittlefoot Live: Join Ethan and Kyra as they venture to do what few have accomplished before: watching all fourteen Land Before Time films and analyze them LIVE, for you. What will Littlefoot and the gang get up to?! Time will only tell.

1PM - 2PMTKS Firecast: TKS weekly wrap up + news report!

3PM - 4PM - Research Radio: Research Radio invites its listeners to study along with the broadcast. Host Isabelle Etheridge will share some of her favorite music, speak about some songs or share a few art history facts, but mostly it’s an open invitation to join her while researching for her thesis.

5PM - 6PM - Save it For the Show: You know, you and I just don't hang out enough!

Come and listen in week by week as your hosts, Delia Lonnroth (she/her) and Emilio David (he/her), get together to see each other, hangout, and talk about quite literally whatever. Whether it's about their day, classes, or whatever new interest has grabbed at their minds most recently. Stop by and listen! And, if you've got something you wanna talk about, well, Save it For the Show!


9PM - 10PM - 90mgYour weekly dose of my favorite music


11AM - 12PM - The Capricorny Hour: A comedy talk show covering topics large and small, present past and future! Listen to two corny capricorns do what we do best; give funny yet handy unsolicited advice!

8PM - 9PM - The Knox Youth Villain Network: Tune in every week to hear Chester; a demonic exchange student and Trevor; a plant creature who can't die, as they interview aspiring Villains from across Evil Knox about their plans for world domination.


7PM - 8PM - The Oasis: A space in time to listen to chill music while the sun goes down. Occasional small talks to give comfort to you as we connect.

8PM - 9PM - Two Raccoons in a Trenchcoat: Join us as we pick a new obscure topic to unpack and discuss each week. If you’re interested in anything from the lyrical genius that is Hozier to the million pounds of cheese hidden under Missouri tune in to Two Raccoons in a Trench Coat for tomfoolery, music, and more!


7PM - 8PM - Fables and Reflections: From knox alumnis stories to personal anecdotes Fables and Reflections brings you the telling of miscellaneous tales for your entertainment.

9PM - 10PM - DinoSushi: Eli and Sasha are friends that have the same, annoying sense of humor and will talk for hours about nothing. Lucky for you all, they decided to take their talks on air. They will talk about special interests and funny stories while playing music that fits the mood and vibes.


12PM - 1PM - In Thee Garage: For DIY obsessives and indie music snobs alike, In Thee Garage is a musical program highlighting everything from tunes recorded in dank basements to the lively history of Garage and Independent rock. Tune in to catch the new lo-fidelity finds and fuzzy little oddities, brought to you in part by amateur musicians everywhere!

4PM - 5PM - Boney Hawk's Variety Hour: Boney Hawk! You know him, you love him, he's gotta show!! This rascal is going to be listening to music, reading fictional scripts, sharing poetry, interviewing people, going off about interests, anything he wants baby IT'S BONEY HAWK'S VARIETY HOUR! HARK! TUNE IN!

5PM - 6PM - The Moaning Hour: You've heard of the witching hour, now comes the moaning hour. Join me while I play songs and ideas so great you could moan over them. A calm atmospherical show of me playing my banjo and sharing love with the world, love and occasionally moans.

6PM - 7PM - two of them two of them, this is getting out of hand: just tunes

8PM - 9PM - R&R: Some rap, rock, and a Lil' extra with some dope commentary.


1PM - 2PM - Making Noises: Listen in for music of the week, discussions and interviews about various topics, and for a chance to hear about some upcoming events on-campus, especially from an exec POV. Also,, lots of fun facts or observations shall be said! Honestly we just be making noises lol ◡̈

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