4 PM to 5 PM - Getting Lit(erature): Of course it's lit! It's literature! We will be discussing literature and folklore accompanied by on-theme playlists. 

9 PM to 10 PM - Kudzu Blues: All blues, new and old.

11P,M to 12AM - Matt's Soapbox: I am a senior and I am about to be out of here, so I should try to pass down what I have learned right? So I will be taking peoples questions and getting advice alongside playing music that I like or someone requests.


4PM to 5PM - Spring Tuning: A space for sweet music that you can listen to if you love taste, and little bits of friends coming and going.

8PM to 9 PM - Did You Say Something? No, Did You?: Some fun tunes with some fun chatting.

10PM to 11PM - James' Power Hour: The hardest hitting most face melting metal show ever conceived of!! Outlawed in 27 countries and Pecan Il (we don't talk about that one)


8PM to 9PM - Peachy Rosé: Tune in for a blend of vibey music, and random rants and discussions with friends about how fucked up the world is.


5PM to  6PM - Overlooked!: Have you ever been passionate about something—a weird hobby, an obscure band, a foreign tv show or movie that isn't steaming for free, etc.—that no one else seems to have heard of? Have you ever wished you could talk about it with someone, but no one would listen? Or just enjoy listening to people talk about things they're really into? Well Overlooked is radio show for you! Each week, host Porter (the Reporter) will bring one guest on to go off about something they love to their heart's content. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your next overlooked obsession by tuning in!

8PM to 9PM - True Crime Time: Just two besties who like talkin' about murder!

10PM to 11PM - Hot Takes In Your Area: After fleeing to a remote location to escape the pandemic, the worst show on WVKC returns! Join our globally renowned hosts as they navigate late capitalism and the end of days, armed with debauchery and melted brains, and with anyone lame in the crosshairs. Make sure your parents are asleep, put a towel under the door, turn off the lights and open a window. It's going to get hot in here.


4 PM to 5 PM - Pillowtalk: Pillowtalk is a sex ed and relationship advice show (from the creator of the TKS column of the same name)! Get your questions answered and learn something new :)

6PM to 7PM - Witchy Womxn: Alyssa and Ellen are both aspiring witches. In a part podcast, part non-bro music format, each week we cover a subtopic of being a dedicated "witch". Interspersed with music from non-male musicians and bands to highlight the historically feminine and gender-nonconforming practice, these topics would include things like spirituality, crystal magick, tarot, astrology, and more! Each week we come to the studio with new research and deconstruct it, along with sharing different points of view on it in order to strengthen our understanding, along with the listeners'.

8PM to 9PM - Oops! All Vibes: New Tunes, Deep Cuts, and overlooked oldies. An hour of music every week, including a variety of genres, time periods, and artists. Hopefully there'll be something you haven't heard before every week!

10PM to 11PM - Accra We Dey: Bringing the hits from Ghana

12AM to 1AM - The Hardest Hour: The Hardest Hour is part talk show, part music showcase, and part educational program. A true all in one experience!


4PM to 5PM - Nostalgia, Country, and Rambling: I play a lot of music that I grew up with. Times are tough at the moment, and going back to the good ol' days can be a very welcome distraction. Since I've gotten so much joy out of revisiting childhood favorites, I might as well share that joy with y'all! I also want to introduce you guys to more current, mostly country, songs that have really captured my attention. BTW, shame on you if you just threw up in your mouth at the idea of listening to something that falls under the country genre; You'd be surprised at some of the gems I've come across. Country songs, as far as I'm concerned, are masters of storytelling and relatability. Give 'em a try! Overall, I play music that I find deeply meaningful, nostalgic, or just plain fun. Oh, and I might ramble a bit about life/Knox/the world/memes from time to time.​

7PM to 8PM - Tiers of Joy: Me and a rotating cast of guests creating tier lists ranking a variety of subjects 

9PM to 10PM - Emo Hour: Join us to listen to some sad songs :,)

11pm to 12AM - The Show That Is Just A Show III: We random basically


11 AM to 12 PM - cool tunes (no history): mix of very very cool music

1 PM to 2 PM - The Silk Road: In this show, we will be exploring our favorite singers that you probably never heard of! The Silk Road will be the show where we explore the modern-day artist, whom we have found and fallen in love with, in the ancient crevices of the once-bustling Silk Road. We want to explore different genres and languages because music doesn't have a specific language.

8PM to 9PM - To Be Honest: With You: This is the closest you will ever come to feeling love. We (Dwight and Sarah) love you. Also music and talking: with you. Yes, you ;)

11PM to 12AM - Bad Advice, Worse People: An advice show with the absolute ̶w̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ best advice around!