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10AM - 11AM - Professional Hour: I just play whatever music I'm currently listening to or enjoying. Sometimes there's a theme, sometimes not. And, of course, a bit of conversation and opinions on the music.

1PM - 2PM - The April Fools: The April Fools is a talk show between two best buds, Meg and Kate. Tune in to hear the two buds have a few laughs and comment on the things in life that don't really matter.

4PM - 5PM - I am completely normal: Completely normal benign and plain people talking about completely non-off putting topics


7PM - 8PM - To Be Honest With You: The End of HonestySarah and Dwight return in their final term at Knox College, to ask the eternal question: will you send us questions, please? We are a question, advice, and music show for the people. Mostly the people who listen. Tune in for vibes and maybe, finally, MIDI week.


8PM - 9PM - Witchy WomxnJust two witches sitting down n talking about different topics every week, along with interspersed music from non-male artists!


9:00PM - 10:00PMKudzu Blues


8PM - 9PM - Did You Say Something? No, Did You?: some fun chatting and some great music


5PM - 6PM - Smooth Like Butter: Listen to two fruity fan girls stream music while gossiping about all things Kpop for an hour and sharing our unsolicited opinions :)

8PM - 9PM - The Knox Youth Villain NetworkWith Knox becoming even less friendly to its Evil Studies Departments, now more than ever the villains of campus need to connect and work together. Listen in to weekly interviews with host Mx. Plazmatic and students across every department and walk of life, discussing the individual journeys that have taken them to villainy and the most pressing issues for today's young villains.


4:30PM - 5:30PM - La Na Land: Playing cool tunes

7PM - 8PM - Mysterious TransmissionSit down and relax while we talk about our current pokemon obsessions and the latest news from the pokemon universe.

8PM - 9PM - Liar, LiarEver wonder how scam artists so flawlessly get away with their crimes for years on end without getting caught? Ever wonder how to lie your way into getting millions of dollars? On our show we'll be talking about Anna Delvey, Elizabeth Holmes, Multilevel Marketing Schemes, and many more.

10PM - 11PM - R&RA chill show where we play a great mix of rap and rock as well as other stuff mixed in, with some great commentary in between tracks


6PM - 7PM - THE NOWA sonic investigation into presence, self-reflection, emotion, and dope vibes. This show showcases a variety of playlists with an eclectic mix of genres.



12:00AM-1:00AMMidnight Macabre: Midnight Macabre focuses on the uncanny, unfiction, and all things (within reason) relating to horror. Common topics of Conversation may include (but are not limited to): Internet Horror, ARGs, Urban Legends, Horror Movies, Liminal Spaces, etc.


3PM - 4PM - Icebreakers: Tired of approaching others with "How are you?" or "What's up?" when what you really want is to know them BETTER? Fed up with the b.s. of limited conversation? On Icebreakers, we will add some spice to your social life with some great conversation starters and suggestions from ourselves and the Knox community on how to fight mediocracy.

5PM - 6PM - Cozy Weekends with KPOP"Cozy weekends with kpop" will start with a cover by Marie K, then during 1 hour period will play popular kpop songs with different energy. The show will be broadcasting once a week and is open for song suggestions through an Instagram account @thesilkroadwvkc