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7PM - 8PM - Bargain Bin Rejects: Join Red & Josh, as we talk about all kinds of media; movies, tv shows, and more! We're here to discuss the worst of the worst, everything from modern CGI trashfires, to camp cult classics!


9:00PM - 10:00PMKudzu Blues


8PM - 9PM - Stream TunnelsTwo seniors talk about various topics using all the experience they have accrued. They will talk about anything they think they are smart enough to talk about. One week they might discuss their favorite quotes their professor has said, or the various haunted buildings on campus, or how to use a semi colon. Probably not that last one because we're still trying to figure that out.

10PM - 11PM - The LoungeLive music production and DJing show.


12:30PM - 1:30PM - La Na Land: Playing cool tunes and talking about why I like them

7PM - 8PM - Hold the Phonejust two people talking about random stuff. each week we’ll let a random generator choose our topic of conversation! nothing serious just us being dumb.

8PM - 9PM - The Knox Youth Villain Network: After the unfortunate (yet unavoidable) death of Mx.Plazmatic, this radio show has been inherited by MC Wormwood, a former kidnapee, and Chester, a demon exchange student. While this unlikely duo may get into violent feuds, they stay devoted to hosting a platform to make space for students in the Evil Studies department to connect, grow, and work together. Listen in to weekly interviews with our new hosts and students across every department and walk of life, discussing the individual journeys that have taken them to villainy and the most pressing issues for today's young villains.


5PM - 6PM - Two of Them: Want to find a new show or movie to watch on a break from studying? Tune in to hear thoughts and opinions on movies and shows as well as some of their top songs on their soundtracks!

9PM - 10PM - Whatever: I’m going to talk about the most random topics and play the most random music. All unexpected and different. No particular pattern, just surprises.


6PM - 7PM - Did You Say Something? No, Did You?: Your two favorite gals are back for their last year on WVKC to both hear some good tunes and have a conversation or two with their listeners. Listen in!

8PM - 9AM - Does Sisyphus Throw Pebbles at the Sky?: Two pals talk about life and sometimes play some bangin music.

10PM - 11PM - R&R: A chill show with Rap, Rock, and good commentary, with a lil pop sprinkled in.


4PM-5PM - TKS on WVKC: Our (TKS's) weekly wrap up show, giving what has happened this week, talking with members of campus, etc

12AM-1AMMidnight Macabre: Tune in and let us be your guides through nightmare, whimsy, and everything in between.


2PM - 3PM - I Am Completely Normal: yup! :))))))))))))))))

4PM - 5PM - Movie Reviews & MCU: Do you love watching movies?! Have you ever wondered what Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline looks like? We will be watching movies, giving recommendations, and our honest reviews and ratings. Also talking about the Marvel characters and trying to figure out what will happen next in the next phase.

7PM - 8PM - To Be HonestThe horrors of adulthood combined with the comedic stylings and music choices of Sarah (and not Dwight).