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8PM - 9PM - Bargain Bin Rejects: Join Red & Josh for season 3, as we talk about all kinds of media; movies, TV shows, and more! We're here to discuss the worst of the worst, everything from modern CGI trash fires, to camp cult classics!


9PM - 10PMKudzu Blues


10AM - 11AMWho's on Aux?: Every week we choose a setting or an activity and each play songs that we would play if we were on aux. Singing in the shower? Driving down a country road? We have the music for you!

1PM - 2PMSave it for: The Show: We needed an excuse to hang out and talk more, now everyone has to deal with it.

9PM - 10PM - Did You Say Something? No, Did You?: Your two favorite girls just talking about life and sharing good tunes.


9PM - 10PM - DinoSushiEli and Sasha are friends that have the same, annoying sense of humor and will talk for hours about nothing. Lucky for you all, they decided to take their talks on air. They will talk about special interests and funny stories while playing music that fits the mood and vibes.


2:30PM - 3:30PM - TKS ON WVKC: Weekly news breakdown from The Knox Student reporters on WVKC.

7PM - 8PM - The Knox Youth Villain Network: Listen in to weekly shows where our hosts MC Wormwood and MC Chester interview students across every department and walk of life, discussing the individual journeys that have taken them to villainry and the most pressing issues for today's young villains. While the unlikely duo may get into violent feuds, they stay devoted to hosting a platform to make space for students in the Evil Studies department to connect, grow, and work together.

8PM - 9PM - Stream Tunnels: Two seniors talk about various topics using all the experience they have accrued. They will talk about anything they think they are smart enough to talk about. One week they might discuss their favorite quotes their professor has said, or the various haunted buildings on campus, or how to use a semi colon. Probably not that last one because we're still trying to figure that out.

9PM - 10PM - Planet Verde: Here for the vibes? Us too!


3PM - 4PM - La Na Land: Listening to cool jams and talking about music.

5PM - 6PM - It's Always Sunny in Galesburg: TV Show and Movie Reviews!

7PM - 8PM - Sounding Weekly: Heya! I'm always hunting for good sounds, new and old. Tune in as I play my weekly rotations, and learn a little about some artists with me along the way!

8PM - 9PM - DEATH OF THE MINATURE MONKEY: two girly pops and one miniature monkey discussing life and music


7PM - 8PM - Late Nights in the Dirty Burg: Tune into a musical vibe and catch our different segments where we talk about it all!

8PM - 9PM - south and cherry: the dirty burg after show

9:30PM - 10:30PM - R&R: Rap, Rock, and everything else with some banger commentary.


4PM - 5PM - Freedom 50: Guaranteed 50 minutes of music from a variety of genres when you need that good soundtrack to make time fly a little faster. Each week will have something new with a different mix of genres, including but not limited to: pop, edm, jazz, r&b, punk, classic rock, house, emo, rap, and more.

7PM - 8PM - DEATH OF THE MINATURE MONKEY: two girly pops and one miniature monkey discussing life and music

8PM - 9PM - The Capricorny Hour: Two Earth signs chopping it up. Taking on serious topics in an unserious fashion.


1PM - 2PM - Making Noises: Nyah’s an expressive badminton enthusiast ready to share her thoughts with the world and Caroline’s a trombone-playing insect admirer who’s along for the ride. Join us for an hour of healthy discussion, Q&A’s, guest speakers, book reviews, and some funky tunes.

12AM - 1AM - Midnight Macabre: Let us be your guides through nightmare, whimsy, and what lies between.

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