1:30 PM to 2:30 PM - Shiver Me Timbres!: Me and a guest get together and discuss a silly topic, then improvise a song about it!


5 PM to 6 PM - Chillin' : Playing chill music, easy to vibe, study, or relax to. 

8PM to 9 PM - Did You Say Something? No, Did You?: Comedy, Funk, Pop, 60s, Skit(?), Rap, Musicals

10 PM to 11 PM - James' Power Hour: "Face Melting Metal, Rock and Punk"


8 PM to 9 PM - Uncut Jams: Unsolicited opinions on questionable tv shows and movies with great soundtracks.


7 PM to 8 PM - Greta 1986: nonstop 80s music

9 PM to 10 PM - prophetIck: only good music (mostly noise and probably one direction)


5 PM to 6 PM - trout is a nietzchean fish: i play music and also maybe talk about my feelings

7 PM to 8 PM - Witchy Womxn: Alyssa and Ellen are both aspiring witches. In a learn-as-you-go format, each week we cover a subtopic of being a dedicated "witch". Interspersed with music from non-male musicians and bands to highlight the historically feminine and gender-nonconforming practice, these topics would include things like spirituality, crystal magick, tarot, astrology, and more! Each week we come to the studio with new research and deconstruct it, along with sharing different points of view on it in order to strengthen our understanding, along with the listener's. Listeners would include people interested in individual topics (i.e. astrology), people who have heard about witchcraft on the ever-famous tiktok (witchtok), people who could see us as a source, and any experienced witches interested in a fresh view on already learned topics (or in seeing us stumble through). 

9 PM to 10 PM - Accra We Dey: Trending music from Ghana

11 PM to 12 PM - The show thats just a show: One human Talking about something then he puts music. Thats the show.


7 PM to 8 PM - This Radio Station Is Ours Now This Is Our Radio Station Try To Take It From Us You Can't hour: we deconstruct decompress discuss life media INDUSTRY global economics the anthropocene! celebrity worship (michael barbaro)... music (yo-yo ma / blood orange)

9 PM to 10 PM - Knox Randimonium : The music show with a variety of music each week, all to get your weekend off right! 


11 AM to 12 PM - cool tunes and history: mostly playlists of recent favorites + historical/cultural background + light artwork/sound analyses (some singing maybe?)


3 PM to 4 PM - Folklaure: I will talk about about stories of all sorts from urban legends to works of classical literature, and sometimes bring in a guest to talk about these. I will play music that's on theme to whatever story or genre I'm talking about that week and some Taylor Swift 

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